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I am an international psychic medium, healer and spiritual teacher. I have worked all over the UK and in various countries around the world giving personal sittings, demonstrations and talks and teaching classes, workshops and individuals. I was also a Medium and Teacher at the S.A.G.B in London for 5 years.

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I was born in London in a maternity hospital just by the river Thames as the youngest of 3 children. There is a large age gap between me and my elder siblings.

As I grew up, I had various psychic and mediumistic experiences, but I did not know this at the time or speak about them as they just seemed to be a natural part of my life.


When I was 9 years old my father passed to the next world and just as I became 19 years old, my mother also.

My big change towards working for the spirit world came when my marriage ended, and I became a single parent to my three very young children. I decided to move to a new location. It was then, after a brief conversation with a work colleague that I decided to join a mediumship development group, initially out of curiosity. I found that it really sparked something within me, and I wanted to learn more and more about mediumship and the spirit world.

Whilst working at the S.A.G.B, I was asked by a visiting Japanese agent if I would visit and work in Japan. I left this agent after 3 years in 2012 and 18 months later was asked again, by a Japanese spiritual company to work with them. Since then, I have traveled all over Japan, giving thousands of demonstrations, 1-1 sessions, teaching classes, and development courses. I have also written several books and made CDs and DVDS. I have also had the pleasure of working in other countries including Belgium, South Africa and South Korea.


In April of this year, I decided to leave the Japanese spiritual company in order to deliver a more personal service and to follow my own philosophy and guidance.

I now live on the Dorset coast.




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Individual mediumship development courses. Click below for more information 


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