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In a personal consultation, my aim is to help you. I will work to connect with your friends, family and loved ones in the spirit world to pass on any messages, guidance and support from them. I can also connect to your spirit guides to focus on different aspects of your life that may be affecting you and help to bring guidance and clarity to these. These could have been events in the past; situations that are concerning you now or concerns about your future direction.

In all my consultations I want to help bring clarity, guidance, positivity and understanding, so a person feels more peaceful and positive going forward.


  • 45分

    80 British pounds

How My Online Consultation Works

Many of my clients prefer the convenience of online consultations, which is why I have streamlined my booking process to accommodate this. Here's how you can book an online consultation with me:

  • Schedule Your Consultation: Click on the "Book Now" button and select a date and time that works best for you. You'll then be asked to fill in your details.

  • Choose Your Platform: You can choose Zoom or Skype for your online consultation. If you would prefer Skype, click the skype tick box and add your Skype ID below. If you would prefer Zoom, a link will automatically be sent to the email provided once booked.                                                                                                                                             *Zoom invites are sent even if Skype has been selected so please ignore this invite if you want to use Skype.

  • Confirmation Email: Once you've completed your booking, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the details of your appointment, including a unique link to join the Zoom or Skype call at the scheduled time.

*If you have any queries prior to booking, please contact me


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