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A new beginning

Updated: May 14, 2023

Hello and welcome to my first blog post. I gave the title: ‘a new beginning’ as not only is this my first on my brand-new website, but as I feel it is a new beginning for many people and indeed the world with all the change that has happened since last year and Covid-19.

It has been a difficult time for everyone adapting to the way life has changed and become more restricted: From not being able to socialise and travel freely to restrictions on family life and children’s education. More so than this, many others have had to battle with their health and others with the loss of loved ones either due to Covid or to other reasons. It has been a very traumatic time for many people around the world. I send all my heartfelt prayers to everyone for healing, peace and a brighter future.

On the blog I will write and post about things of a spiritual nature which hopefully you may find either interesting or informative in some way. Many of these will give an insight into my own spiritual philosophy and how it can be used in daily life. As I feel it is important to obtain a balance between our spiritual selves and our understanding of who we are as human beings. This then allows an understanding of how to reach a deeper knowledge of our life experiences and ongoing journey. It is by seeing each piece of the puzzle of life and the lessons we can learn that we can start to see the bigger picture of everything. This then can then give an inner peace and a healing process of things we may have experienced.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.


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