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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

One sunny evening I was in the countryside standing on top of a hill on the side of a valley. I was enjoying looking out over the fields, trees, and bushes, and watched some flying ducks land on the bank of a glistening stream that crossed my path to the hill on the other side. As I enjoyed looking at all this wonderful nature, I started to think about crossing the valley and walking to the top of the other hill. I wondered how long it would take me to get there and what possible obstacles I may need to overcome to get to the top.

On the opposite side, I saw another person looking over the valley and in my direction. They paused briefly, then turned and walked away. I suddenly thought to myself, I wonder if they were also thinking about trying to cross over to reach the hill I was standing on. I then had another thought, maybe they did want to cross but instead of thinking about how to overcome the different obstacles along the way; they saw the difficulty of the whole journey to reach the other side. Perhaps they thought there were too many obstructions, or it could go wrong and maybe it wasn’t worth the effort of even trying. So, we would both be looking at the same scenery and have the same goal only our thoughts were different. One was a positive outlook: Observing the challenges and working out how to reach their goal of crossing to the opposite hill. The other was a negative outlook: Working out all the reasons why they wouldn't make it to the other hill.

This made me realise there was a deeper spiritual message in all of this. About how people can have very different perceptions about the same thing. Two people may have an obstacle or barrier to their goal and may face similar challenges and difficult situations and have decisions to make in order to reach their goal. One person, with a positive perception, will be focusing on the solutions to the challenges ahead and thinking to themselves what the best course of action is that they can take. This creates a positive energy. The other person, having a negative perception will be focusing on the difficulty of the challenges and worrying about the things that might go wrong. This creates a negative energy and may make people give up very quickly or they may withdraw and not even try to succeed.

The outcomes for these two people will be very different and will favour the type of energy and perception they began with positive or negative. The result will be different only because of the two different perceptions. The reason why it is so important how a person thinks is because thoughts have an energy, and they can create different realities.

It is not always possible to stay positive with every situation and every moment in life but the more a person does the more positive the outcome and future direction in life. It is by trying to look for solutions to obstacles and challenges and being patient in finding the answer that a way forward can be shown. If a situation or obstacle seems very challenging, I would always say to ask your guides and the spirit world for help and support in finding the way forward and I personally always say thank you for any help I may receive at the same time.

What I feel that I learned that evening is that if a person feels negative or stuck and feeling unable to reach their goal or overcome a challenge or obstacle, they should try as much as they can to see it from the other hill, the positive perception. This to me was the spiritual lesson of the two hills.

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