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Changing with the weather

I was sitting at my desk today looking out of the window at a clear blue sky and bright sunshine. I was thinking to myself what a lovely day. I then had another thought about how different weather can affect how a person is feeling; from energetic and joyful to feeling downbeat and tired. I then thought about all the countries around the world with different weather and temperatures in each of them. Sometimes with large differences in various regions of the same country.

This then made me think about the people from ancient times and how they adapted to the different climates and weather. Some were challenged with ice and snow, others with jungles, deserts and mountainous regions. It made me realise the adaptability of the people from the past and how knowledgeable of the weather they were and how important it was in both a practical and spiritual sense.

The practical knowledge and understanding of how climate changed over the course of the year helped them adapt and survive. The spiritual aspect was the understanding of how connected everything is in nature and how weather is so important on a deeper level. I also feel by looking at different types of weather, we can gain a greater understanding of how to change things in our own lives.

I will explain what I mean. I said at the beginning how weather can change the way we are feeling. By thinking about and using different types of weather internally, we can change how we are feeling and also help to see a different way of doing things. For example, if the weather where we are on a particular day is not to our liking, we can close our eyes for a few minutes and try to visualise the weather that we would like to see. Thinking about how it is making us feel. This is important to try to feel the weather and how we are enjoying it.

This can help if we want to change a situation or go in a different direction in life. What weather would be appropriate? Maybe we need to be like the wind but, what type of wind? Do we need to be like a powerful wind with high energy to try to make immediate change? Or be like a gentle breeze, moving slowly and gently to change a situation or move into a new direction? All types of weather can be used depending on what you feel is appropriate. It can be very helpful to tune into the energy of the weather and think about how you can work with it to help you gain a new perspective on a situation or decision to be made. The weather can be more to us than what may first be perceived and can help you to provide a different perspective in life.

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