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A new chapter

Hello everyone! Wishing a happy new year to you all.

I thought I would start the new year by sharing some thoughts I had where everyday things can show a deeper spiritual meaning. Through the holidays I spent some time reading, which I always enjoy. I had just finished reading a chapter of my book and was about to start the next chapter when a thought came to me. The chapters in a book can be much like a person’s journey in life; each year brings new events and challenges for us to face.

If a book is read in its entirety with each chapter in the correct order, it will make sense. Each event and chapter will lead us through the story to a clear conclusion. Much like a person’s life there is a clear beginning, middle and end to the story in perfect sequence. If we were to look back over the life history of a person who has passed away it is clear to see and understand how the thoughts, behaviours and actions at each stage of that person’s life led into the next stage, until we reach the conclusion or final chapter of that person’s life.

If however, we only read a few chapters taken from different random points of the book ( for example out of a 25 chapter book we only read chapters 3, 10, 17 and 25) it would be hard to understand the connection between each section and how they all reach the final conclusion.

This can be much like a person’s life. If we try to draw conclusions when only viewing certain ages or situations that happened in that person’s life, it is similarly difficult to understand how these particular events are connected and how they lead to the ending.

It is important to understand this as it can help a person who is anxious about their future: Maybe they are worried about their dreams or ambitions not being fulfilled; Perhaps they could feel stuck and unhappy with their present situation in life. If this is how you feel, then think again about the chapters of a book. The present chapter of your life is a result of all the actions, thoughts, events and decisions that have already happened. However, the future chapters that are yet to come can lead you in to a new positive future. You may not be able to see at the present time how things will change but remember that your future will be written by the thoughts, actions, events and decisions of today so try to be positive in all of these and look forward to the future chapters. They can bring new opportunities and good things to you.

A happy and prosperous new year to you all.

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