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The Rainbow

Updated: May 14, 2023

It rained where I live in England today. As the rain really started to fall, I noticed people rushing to get inside out of the rain. This a normal reaction to avoid getting wet but sometimes rain is often viewed as inconvenient and something to be avoided but if we stop and think about the importance of rain it can really be appreciated. The reality is If the rain were to stop completely, the lakes, rivers and reservoirs would very soon dry up and we could not survive. So, it’s good for us to have an appreciation and gratitude for rain and water.

Another separate thing that can happen when the conditions are right, and the rain and sun appear together is that wonderful phenomenon the rainbow is formed. I have always loved watching rainbows when they appear. The dazzling colours and shimmering light never fails to make me smile. Behind the rainbow’s beauty I feel there is a spiritual message to take away; rainbows are the product of two vital elements for life working together to create a band of colour the sun and the rain. Sometimes in life there are times that are not pleasant; times when it can be very worrying and scary, other times it may seem dull, and it feels like nothing is happening. There are also times in life when we are sad and times when we feel unfortunate or unlucky. This for example can be like the rain.

The opposite of this is there are other times when it's exciting when there’s change. Times when it is fun, and we are happy and optimistic. This can be like the sun shining brightly, it is through the balance of these two sides, like the sun and the rain, will growth and understanding be nurtured. Think of the difficult times as learning, gaining strength and experience, absorbing wisdom and try being positive and thankful for the good times. By doing so, the value of both sides becomes apparent, and understanding can be achieved and the realization of your own spiritual rainbow.


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